Phoenix and Pleiades Cocktail Arcade Cabinet

Category : Phoenix/Pleiades Cocktail Cabinet · by Jun 11th, 2012

The best antiques shop find ever happened last week – we finally found an arcade machine to complete (well… fill up) our house!20120611-214740.jpg

I can’t find any information about this exact cabinet on the web, the original Phoenix cocktail cabinets look quite different. Plus this contains two original game boards: Phoenix and Pleiades.


It’s a bit tatty but it’s mostly working – the game boards both work (though the left and right buttons stopped working on the Phoenix game until i cleaned the board with some contact cleaner this evening!), the monitor works and both sets of controls work. The coin slots aren’t connected, the cash door keeps falling off, there’s various dents and scratches and the artwork sucks (unfortunately it always sucked – the original cabinet was very plain!).

On the plus side there were a couple of very old 10p coins in the cash drawer! I expect the coin slots are somehow calibrated to accept these, not sure if they can be adjusted to accept other coins!? (though I’m quite happy using the old 10p!)


The plan is to keep all the parts in tact, clean up the cabinet and add a MAME PC which can be swapped with the original boards. As there’s basically no information on the web about this machine I’ll whack everything I remember to on here so it can be found in future!


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