Custom MiniITX case

Category : MiniITX · by Aug 6th, 2008

I’ve been on the lookout for a server case for the MiniITX motherboard a few months but nothing of a suitable size came up, we happened to visit Ikea to pick up some stuff for the living room and I found a box that would do as a case!

I’ve not taken any pictures of the build as it’s just me drilling and sawing but it’s all finished and so here are the pics of the finished item…


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Emma Willetts
14 years ago · Reply

oooohh fancy pants with your ikea styling!

14 years ago · Reply

If it performs as good as it looks you might eventually be able to give up the day job, but not just yet!!

14 years ago · Reply

Looks good, very neat. You might want to think about RF shielding though – maybe line the interior with kitchen foil? Unshielded PCs can play havoc with things like TV/Radio reception.

14 years ago · Reply

That’s a good idea but i’d have to do something more complicated with mounting the motherboard and hard drive as they’re just on the wood, no screws or anything 😉

14 years ago · Reply

Pretty tidy Dan. I’ve been thinking about what to put my file server in but I’m thinking I might make a case out of aluminium if I can get some on the cheap.

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