Change Vistas MPEG2 decoder

Category : Media Center · by May 22nd, 2008

MS thought it would be a nice idea to include an MPEG decoder with Vista Home Premium/Ultimate. Though it is very nice of them the one they provide is rubbish; it’s quite poor at upscaling and it has no hardware support so you may notice it being slow even with a dual core CPU and 2Gb or RAM (I certainly did!).

To fix this you can install your own MPEG2 decoder (I use TheaterTek which uses a modified version of Nvidia PureVideo) and run this little app written by this guy. In the case of PureVideo you can see if its working by checking the system tray when watching TV or playing a video – if a Nvidia icon appears it works!

Unfortunately this will only work for 32-bit Vista, if you bought 64-bit you’re stuck using the crap decoder until someone writes a 64-bit replacement that supports decoding hardware.


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