Arcade Stick Episode 6 – It works!

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After pulling apart a spare Sixaxis I spent hours soldering and was amazed to find it worked first time!

Check the piccies:

As you can see the mess needs tidying inside the controller but at 2am I was just too excited to have it working so just shoved the guts in like a medic on a battlefield 馃槈

I also need to work out a better way to charge it than having to unscrew the perspex base (and have guts fall out) to connect the USB cable to the PCB.

Arcade Stick Episode 5

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Painting, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, painting, painting…

Arcade Stick Episode 4

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Sanded down the plastic wood and mounted the two MDF layers with countersunk screws (I’m hoping the perspex will be held in place by the tight fit and the screw in buttons). I couldn’t resist putting the parts in place…

Arcade Stick Episode 3

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2 days off work has given me 2 days of Final Fantasy 12 (I’ll finish it one day, it’s only been 18 months and 70 hours so far!) and building the arcade stick.

An incident involving my jigsaw flying to pieces has ended up with me cutting the front and back pieces (again) by hand and sanding to fit! It didn’t take nearly as much extra time as I thought it would to be fair.

Having now got all of the main parts cut it seemed like the perfect time to order the arcade parts, a few days and a phone call chasing the order up and all the bits arrived along with some freebies 馃槈 (what i’m going to do with 4 extra buttons is yet to be decided but the bubble top is pretty cool)

After scouring all the tool shops in Malvern for a 30mm hole saw to cut the button holes i finally found one on ebay. I also picked up a few other bits like a plastic wood and a coping saw so that I can cut sections out of the middle now the panels now the jigsaw has been annihilated.

Some gluing and filling in with plastic wood later and the base was coming along nicely.

While that was all setting I drilled the holes for the buttons in the top 3 layers, unfortunately being an arcade stick some of the buttons are very close together and perspex being perspex it decided to crack in a couple of places… Remember I said cutting perspex was a pain in the backside? Guess what. It still is. But this time I did manage it better and ended up with a top layer which fits much more snugly than the previous one. Having learnt from the previous drilling experience I clamped the perspex between the two other (wood/MDF) layers and drilled it again this time ending up with a pristine set of button holes.

Then finished cutting out all the sections with the coping saw…

And put it all (loosely) together (in one blurry photo – a much better one is coming soon).

Arcade Stick Episode 2

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Following on from the previous post (only a couple of hours ago i know but i meant to write it days ago) I’ve actually started the build (on Sunday!). I bought a couple of different thicknesses of MDF and some perspex and after several issues with initally poor jigsawing (i don’t think i’d used a jigsaw before and i assumed it would be easier than it was!) I’ve cut our the two top sections and the left and right side. Though I still have the front and back to cut out. I’ve also managed to cut out the perspex which was a huge PITA! If anyone has a better method for getting a clean cut on perspex than scoring repeatedly with a stanley knife and then hitting it please let me know 馃槈

Here’s some pictures:

Here’s the button layout I’ve chosen:

The reason for having two layers of MDF at the top of the stick (of different thicknesses) is that the arcade buttons have a screw thread which will only accept a thickness of around a centimetre (possibly one and a half at a push) and the joystick has a metal plate, the top of which needs to be as close to the top perspex layer as possible. The idea is that the buttons will screw into the top layer and the joystick will screw into the bottom layer. Here’s a sizing of the top plate of one of the possible choices of joystick so you can kind of make out what i mean:

While scouring the net I found an utterly fantastic resource for all this stuff, pretty much answers every question about it all.

Arcade Stick Episode 1

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Ok so i had this crazy idea to make a MAME based arcade machine years ago and as it turned out a million other people had the same thought. Unfortunately I just don’t have the space in our current home but the next house will have such a machine built for it!

The recent release of Soul Calibur 4 (and the ever nearing release of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo High Definition Remix – to use it’s full title) reminded me of this desire to build my own arcade machine. So as I can’t make a full size unit i decided the next best thing would be to be able to play these games on the PS3 with proper arcade controls, the way they were meant to be played!

As before it turns out a zillion other people have had the same idea, which is handy really as it means someone else has already solved a few major problems for me – such as how to wire a Playstation 3 controller to use other buttons. I intend to update the blog as the build progresses so that I can keep a record of what not to do when I build the full arcade machine 馃檪

Playstation 3 Arcade Controller

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With Soul Calibur 4, Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD on their way I intend to build an arcade style joystick for my PS3 using real Japanese arcade parts.

There’s some great web pages describing pretty much everything you could want to know and more! I’ve also found a couple of shops to buy the parts from (here and here).

I’ve picked up some MDF and perspex today, more coming as it happens…

P.S. If anyone spots any funky arcade/anime graphics i could put as a backing on the controller link me up!

Actually using a PS2 guitar on the PS3

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The ANTCommandos PS2 to PS3 adapter I ordered a few days ago turned up while I was away on holiday. Did a quick test with it tonight with Guitar Hero 3 on the PS3… So far it works pretty much perfectly, there’s only two minor negative points:

1. The tilt needs an extra second or two to activate Star Power, the manual puts this down to a different type of sensor used in the old PS2 guitars (mechanical instead of accelerometer).

2. Holding down Start and Select on the guitar brings up the PS menu, this in itself isn’t a problem, in fact it would be a really handy feature except that you have no way of selecting left or right (up and down is done by strumming). E.g. if you go to “Quit game” when it asks “Are you sure?” you cannot select “Yes”.

Like I said these are really minor points and as this is just going to be used as a second player guitar there’s not really any issue.

As I don’t have Rock Band (yet) I can’t test that but it looks like it should work perfectly.

Use PS2 Guitars with Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band on the PS3

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That’s right this little lump of plastic will allow you to do just that!

Unfortunately they want a ridiculous amount to post it over to these shores but luckily where there’s a will there’s an Ebay seller. I’ve ordered one for some 2 player GH3 goodness and to be able to just buy Rock Band without all those over priced accessories and play the guitar sections 馃檪