Custom MiniITX case

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I’ve been on the lookout for a server case for the MiniITX motherboard a few months but nothing of a suitable size came up, we happened to visit Ikea to pick up some stuff for the living room and I found a box that would do as a case!

I’ve not taken any pictures of the build as it’s just me drilling and sawing but it’s all finished and so here are the pics of the finished item…

Automatically backing-up SVN to a server

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As I have a rather large amount of webspace I decided it would be a good idea to backup the subversion repository to it. This provides good redundancy for a SVN/computer problem!

To achieve this i created the following script for my Debian server:

#  Description:SVN backup script
# The DATE-parameter tells date in format YYYY.MM.DD.
DATE=`date +20%y.%m.%d`

# The TIME-parameter tells time in format HHMMSS.
TIME=`date +%H%M%S`

# The BACKUPDIR-parameter specifices where we want to save our backups


svnadmin dump $REPOS > $BACKUPDIR/$REPOS_OUTPUT.dump


echo pwd
ftp -n -v $HOST << EOT
put $FILE


exit 0

Setting up SVN

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First things first you need apache2 and PHP.

Annoyingly when you first try “apt-get install apache2” Debian will ask you for the CD! Having already removed the CD-ROM this was a potential issue 😉 All you need to do is remove the CD from the source list, open the list in an editor using “nano /etc/apt/sources.list” and comment out the line with the CD on.

Now apache can be installed from the web sources. When done going to http://server-ip should show you a working apache page.

Install PHP5 and PHP apache support using the following command “apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-curl php5-gd“. When done restart apache “/etc/init.d/apache2 restart“.

I used bits from this guide and this guide to install SVN and WebSVN. Also if, like me, you need to import an existing repository follow this guide.

Setting up Samba

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Some handy links on setting up Samba here and here

Basic install

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Having got the board up and running I had a few problems with the Debian net install. After the first splash screen appeared the installer must have been out of the range of the monitor as all I got was a messy splodge on the screen. Four episodes of House and a meal later I checked the installer options and found typing “installgui” instead of just hitting enter should bring up a fancier GUI than the default one. Worked fine!

Once installed I wanted to take the machine off some of it’s life support so I installed ssh, powered down, removed it’s monitor and the CD-ROM and powered back up.

I’m now configuring the new server from the sofa. The plan is to install Samba, SVN, TorrentFlux and anything else I spot that’s fancy.