Arcade Stick Episode 6 – It works!

Category : Playstation 3 路 by Sep 18th, 2008

After pulling apart a spare Sixaxis I spent hours soldering and was amazed to find it worked first time!

Check the piccies:

As you can see the mess needs tidying inside the controller but at 2am I was just too excited to have it working so just shoved the guts in like a medic on a battlefield 馃槈

I also need to work out a better way to charge it than having to unscrew the perspex base (and have guts fall out) to connect the USB cable to the PCB.


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14 years ago 路 Reply

I have some spare mini-usb sockets if you want to hijack one of those and hack an existing USB cable onto it?

14 years ago 路 Reply

Hey I am attempting a similar mod.

Did you have to use the three different “common lines” for each group of buttons?

Like for example, in the pin-out diagram I saw, L2, L1, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, all use their own “common” for the ground, that is separate from the other buttons commons.

I guess I am just wondering if i can link all the buttons to the ground, or if they have to be on their specific common line.

14 years ago 路 Reply

I wondered the same thing but just opted to put them in the specific groupings just in case. Good luck 馃檪

8 years ago 路 Reply

I know I’m a bit late to the party considering you posted this light years ago, but the build up to your arcade stick was class mate, was a great read.

I’m just about to start my own customer stick in the next 2-3 weeks. Your stick turned out really well.

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