Arcade Stick Episode 3

Category : Playstation 3 ยท by Aug 22nd, 2008

2 days off work has given me 2 days of Final Fantasy 12 (I’ll finish it one day, it’s only been 18 months and 70 hours so far!) and building the arcade stick.

An incident involving my jigsaw flying to pieces has ended up with me cutting the front and back pieces (again) by hand and sanding to fit! It didn’t take nearly as much extra time as I thought it would to be fair.

Having now got all of the main parts cut it seemed like the perfect time to order the arcade parts, a few days and a phone call chasing the order up and all the bits arrived along with some freebies ๐Ÿ˜‰ (what i’m going to do with 4 extra buttons is yet to be decided but the bubble top is pretty cool)

After scouring all the tool shops in Malvern for a 30mm hole saw to cut the button holes i finally found one on ebay. I also picked up a few other bits like a plastic wood and a coping saw so that I can cut sections out of the middle now the panels now the jigsaw has been annihilated.

Some gluing and filling in with plastic wood later and the base was coming along nicely.

While that was all setting I drilled the holes for the buttons in the top 3 layers, unfortunately being an arcade stick some of the buttons are very close together and perspex being perspex it decided to crack in a couple of places… Remember I said cutting perspex was a pain in the backside? Guess what. It still is. But this time I did manage it better and ended up with a top layer which fits much more snugly than the previous one. Having learnt from the previous drilling experience I clamped the perspex between the two other (wood/MDF) layers and drilled it again this time ending up with a pristine set of button holes.

Then finished cutting out all the sections with the coping saw…

And put it all (loosely) together (in one blurry photo – a much better one is coming soon).


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