Arcade Stick Episode 2

Category : Playstation 3 ยท by Aug 6th, 2008

Following on from the previous post (only a couple of hours ago i know but i meant to write it days ago) I’ve actually started the build (on Sunday!). I bought a couple of different thicknesses of MDF and some perspex and after several issues with initally poor jigsawing (i don’t think i’d used a jigsaw before and i assumed it would be easier than it was!) I’ve cut our the two top sections and the left and right side. Though I still have the front and back to cut out. I’ve also managed to cut out the perspex which was a huge PITA! If anyone has a better method for getting a clean cut on perspex than scoring repeatedly with a stanley knife and then hitting it please let me know ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s some pictures:

Here’s the button layout I’ve chosen:

The reason for having two layers of MDF at the top of the stick (of different thicknesses) is that the arcade buttons have a screw thread which will only accept a thickness of around a centimetre (possibly one and a half at a push) and the joystick has a metal plate, the top of which needs to be as close to the top perspex layer as possible. The idea is that the buttons will screw into the top layer and the joystick will screw into the bottom layer. Here’s a sizing of the top plate of one of the possible choices of joystick so you can kind of make out what i mean:

While scouring the net I found an utterly fantastic resource for all this stuff, pretty much answers every question about it all.


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